10 Insider Reasons to Have Lunch at Butcher and Bee Charleston

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10 Insider Reasons to Have Lunch at the Butcher and Bee Charleston.

It’s been about six months since the Butcher & Bee moved into their larger, new NoMo location. With a solid reputation amongst savvy locals, and a slew of rave reviews already under their culinary belts, you don’t have to take our word for it…

However, after a recent rather delightful visit to this hipster comfort food depot, we just couldn’t resist ‘preaching to the choir’ and coming up with our own 10 “Insider” reasons to have lunch at the Butcher & Bee: 



1.Truth in advertising: With an ever-changing menu ( it changes daily) & consistently fresh and adventurous comfort-style foods, the Butcher and Bee really does live up to their motto by serving honest to goodness eats!   Oh and …all of their dishes are crafted from local farm-fresh foods…can you say sustainable?


2. Plenty of comfortable seating…both indoors and out…Anyone who lives here in the Lowcountry knows even in the month of November it can be warm enough for some sunny, outdoor dining… The indoor seating area is light and airy too!


3. They make the best hummus we’ve ever had... and we just happen to be self-appointed hummus experts…(for realz.)


4. Their salads are fresh and inventive.  Move over boring lunch caesars, Insiders are all about the shaved brussels sprouts salad with broccoli, spiced mustard, candied Lowcountry pecans and red onions. It was really, really good!


5. They have a helluva good craft beer selection!   Oh… and for all the oenophiliacs out there… know that you will be delighted to find the Butcher & Bee also has a fairly extensive wine list. It’s organized by price with some really good wines at every price point. Beer or wine? It’s a win-win at Butcher & Bee.


6. Their Burgers rock!  Whether it’s grass fed beef or a fresh veggie burger you’re after, you won’t be disappointed…


The accompanying fries and homemade catsup ( yes homemade catsup) also made the grade! It’s delish!


7. The Butcher and Bee is home to a celebrity pastry chef… Generally speaking when an establishment can boast that they have a James Beard-favorite, & nationally acclaimed, award-winning pastry chef, such as the very talented Cynthia Wong…well… you know you’re likely to find some really special sweet treats…



8. The Butcher & Bee serves “wicherdoodles!”  (It’s a Wong original, described as “snickerdoodles sandwiched with brown butter-caramel-milk chocolate cream”) …. but we’ll just call these badboys “heaven…”



9. Butcher & Bee is located in the peninsula’s  up and coming NoMo neighborhood: and as such, is in really good company…


10. Added bonus? One of our favorite shops is right across the street…so if you’re in the mood to find an awesome treasure after the delicious lunch you’re sure to have at Butcher & Bee…you won’t have far to walk at all…



Thanks Butcher & Bee, for a fabulous lunch…we’ll be back soon…so please be sure to have more of those wicherdoodles on hand…

1085 Morrison Drive
Charleston, SC 29403
(843) 619-0202

By the way … with Thanksgiving just a few short weeks away… we think you should know that The Butcher and Bee has an amazing  solution for those who stress about cooking turkey and all the fixings for a crowd. Their Thanksgiving Takeout Package features a 15- to 20-lb. Keegan-Filion Turkeyplus sides, making it just the right amount of food to feed six to eight people this holiday while still having enough for leftovers. Side dishes and fixings include:

  • The traditional: classic stuffing, mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, and cranberry sauce
  • The distinctive: Roasted Sweet Potatoes with pecan crumble and whiskey sauce; bacon-laced Brussels Sprouts, tossed with fried shallots and chile oil; and Roasted Beets with hazelnuts and tarragon vinaigrette
  • The optional add-ons: pies, cookies, and breads by Pastry Chef Cynthia Wong ($2-25)

Guests can purchase Thanksgiving Takeout for $225 (that’s $28-37.50 per person–what a deal!).

Orders must be placed by Wednesday, Nov. 16 by emailing

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