Social Media Fatigue: Take a Breather, Hit the Cabin….

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Election Year-Social Media Fatigue: Take a Breather, Hit the Cabin…Harold’s Cabin

Whether it’s been the insanity of this year’s presidential election, opinions on the Lowcountry’s recent high profile local trials, or just the news in general, so many of us are feeling social media fatigue…These days just scrolling through a social media newsfeed is a bit like stepping on a landmine….  So we say, step away from the screen, ‘take a breather and hit the cabin….’


If you’ve not yet been to Harold’s Cabin , the cozy westside Charleston SC eatery on the corner of Congress and President Streets (oh the irony)… now’s the perfect time…


When you do decide to step away from your computer screen and walk through the front door of this corner store, cafe and restaurant, chances are you’ll be greeted by this guy, co-owner and former RiverDogs F&B Director, John Schumacher. He’s just about one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet…(seriously, he’s pretty cool)…

It’s no secret that the really affable Schumacher partnered up with local favorite actor Bill Murray and baseball royalty, Mike Veeck, to open this cozy homage to the former corner store…yup…. this place is definitely where historic meets hip…


Harold’s Cabin is comfy, friendly and the food they serve is the kind of food your grandmother made….only better…in a good way…  you know, with that certain Lowcountry culinary twist that Charleston is so famous for…


Harold’s Cabin happens to serve one of the best cups of no frills coffee around… (this is what coffee is supposed to taste like…) We might have to pop in just for a cup of that fresh brew again….


And the hush puppies?  Crisp, slightly sweet, served with pepper jam and pickled corn… Oh… and at Harold’s… the hushpuppies are almost the size of baseballs…( hmmmm wonder if there is a connection?)


This roast pork sandwich with house made chips was one of the daily specials… and yes… it was eaten with gusto!


On the menu….the best beet salad ever…It’s served with goat cheese, pickled green tomatoes and grilled bread…sooooo good!


Did we mention that Harold’s Cabin has a full bar and a very respectable wine list with great wines by the glass?


Keeping up with culinary trends…Harold’s Cabin also has an upstairs outdoor herb and vegetable garden…


No cell phones on the table, no talking politics, just a bonafide get-away, stick to your ribs lunch…


It’s a big year ahead Charleston…lots of news to grapple with and lots of opinions in your social media news feed…. So we say, don’t forget to step away from the screen….because there’s refuge, friendly faces and damn good food at the Cabin….




247 Congress St
Charleston, SC 29403



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