Hi Ho- the Derry-O, Why We love Dell’z Uptown!

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Hi Ho-the Derry-O, Why We Love Dell’z Uptown’s Vegetarian Fare!

‘The farmer in the Dell’z, the farmer in Dell’z, Hi ho the Derry-O.. the food’s amazing at Dell’z!’ ( It’s fresh and inventive too!)


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For all the times you’ve driven by on your way across town, have you ever been to Dell’z Uptown? Were you even aware that this Rutledge Avenue stalwart has been dishing out really, really unbelievably tasty vegetarian fare for several years now? If not, when it comes to healthy and delicious fare, Dell’z Uptown just might be one of the peninsula’s best kept secrets….

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The interior is exactly what you’d expect… trippy, colorful wall murals, and a totally laid back atmosphere…

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At Dell’z Uptown, you place your order at the counter. The staff is really hospitable… and if you’re not yet familiar with their menu, these friendly faces are more than happy to suggest their personal favorites….(and yes, btw, for those who are asking, there are also plenty of gluten-free choices!)


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We went with their suggestion of what turns out to be the outrageously delicious Acorn Squash Bowl, which comes spilling over with farro and multicolored local seasonal vegetables… and served with a homemade “goddess” sauce. (For those that don’t know, “farro” is delicious whole grain that’s been giving quinoa a run for its money lately…we’ve seen it popping up on menus everywhere.) This dish is so good, it will have you craving fresh vegetables for days afterwards…

From Med U doctors & employees to college students, Dell'z Uptown has a lively lunch crowd

From Medical University doctors, to nearby hospital staffers and in-the-know-college students, Dell’z Uptown place has a really lively lunch crowd.


Parking is not a problem at Dell’z Uptown.

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Do yourself a favor and commune with local insiders at Dell’z Uptown…The food is inventive, inspirational, healthy and most importantly, DELICIOUS!


Ps: We’re headed back there soon, just to try the famed “Jazzy Pizza”… hope to see you there!

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