Lotus at Park Circle: It’s All About the Yin and the Yang

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Lotus at Park Circle: It’s all about the Yin and the Yang

These days, it’s all about the yin and the yang, isnt it? With our crazy political climate,  our pursuit of individual lifestyles and our life choices right down to which restroom we prefer to use or not use….We are all out there chasing balance in our lives!…..Thus, along with the bearded urban explorers, suntanned tourists, local color enthusiasts and “insiders” who like to get off the beaten path now and then, foodie-approved eateries that have something for everyone are now the norm in the “new” olde village known as Park Circle….And with Lotus at Park Circle adding Vietnamese cuisine to the list of the area’s healthy dining out choices…it really is all about the Yin and the Yang…

Sidewalk view Lotus N.C.

Lotus, 1070 A E. Montague Avenue

Lotus at Park Circle is about light and airy indoor seating…


It’s about cool and breezy outdoor seating too…

outside dining Lotus North Cha

The food at Lotus is sometimes about the sweet…

Lotus Flan

Vietnamese Crème Flan: a delicious custard dessert inherited from French colonialism



and sometimes about the salty…

Bahn Mi's a Vietnamese street sandwich with a French colonial past...with outrageously delicious tarot root fries.

Bahn Mi …it’s a Vietnamese street sandwich with a French colonial past…with outrageously delicious tarot root fries.


It’s always about the fresh…


Spring Rolls Lotus

Summer Roll with fresh shrimp and peanut sauce…


and the fermented…


Lotus Entree Lunch

Crisp shrimp chips with pickled vegetable salad…amazing!


Lotus at Park Circle, with it’s totally understated elegance both in food and decor, is like it’s flower namesake; an exquisite representation of a complex culture…It’s summer cool and winter warm…The food is fabulous & the menu is reasonably priced… And with its reliance on an abundance of fresh herbs & vegetables, light use of oils, and the treatment of meat as a condiment rather than a main course, Lotus not only serves up well executed and delicious dishes, but also some of the healthiest food on the planet….cơm muối!

street sign lotus

Oh and did we mention the service at Lotus? It’s excellent. We’ve been by twice now and both times, the servers were not just well versed in the menu,  they’re really friendly too….

Lauren from Lotus N. Chas

Next time you stop in, say hi to Lauren for us!


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