Spend an Afternoon on Sullivan’s Like A Boss

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How to Do Sullivan’s Island Like a Boss…

Insiders know how to spend an afternoon on Sullivan’s Island like a boss. And by “boss” we mean being able to have a bonafide beach outing with no traffic, free parking, easy access to a wide and uncrowded beach, and a first-rate, late afternoon lunch…

Of course, there are a number of great places to eat on Sullivan’s Island, and while we know you really haven’t done  a Lowcountry summer justice until you’ve been to Poe’s  at least once during peak season for the best fish tacos and sweet tea ever….We realize that sometimes it’s necessary  to shake things up…and do something different….

In other words, you might just be in the mood to nosh on something a little more upscale. And what do you know? Just a stone’s throw down the road is another Charleston Inside Out favorite, The Obstinate Daughter

outside od

The Obstinate Daughter is such a pretty restaurant, nestled upstairs with its beachy clean interior and comfy soft-leather banquets. The driftwood and sea blue hues throughout makes for very calming and relaxed decor…it’s very vacation chic!

Beachy clean decor with pale blue leather banquets and driftwood. Very calming decor.

The service is super friendly…for real!

We loved our server Wendi welcoming and very knowledgable!

We loved our server, Wendi. She was very welcoming and very knowledgable!

And the fare? The fare at the Obstinate Daughter is really quite excellent:

shrimp roll at the Obstinate Daughter

The  Lowcountry shrimp roll is filled with a mixture of boiled shrimp and herbs in a very light creamy dressing. Served with a short stack of delicious “Geechie fries”(a.k.a. creamy polenta fries.) Every morsel is delish!

The same can be said for the chicken dish…

Chicken tossed with farrow, roasted brussel sprouts and black truffle oil

Chicken tossed with farrow, roasted brussel sprouts and black truffle oil…just heaven!


and the roasted beets…

Roasted Beets - ricotta, pistachio, horseradish, pomegranate's a show stopper!

Roasted Beets are served at the O.D. with a smattering of ricotta, pistachio, horseradish & pomegranate molasses. What a show stopper!

Mmmmmm…And so, after some deliciously warm peach cobbler (with SC peaches) ala mode, (sorry there’s no picture of the cobbler, because it was that good…) it’s time to find a sunny beach and walk off that amazing meal….but …which station to go to?…hmmmmm

Locals have their favorite, and we are partial to Station 18

Insiders have their favorites, and ours is Station 18




Because in the middle of the week in the middle of July, you can actually find a very clean, very wide and very uncrowded beach…at Station 18

station 18 beach

And if you’re really lucky…You might just catch a pod of dolphins horsing around on the shoreline nearby…

pod of dolphins sullivans

When you’ve had enough of the beach and are ready to head home, be sure to take the time to admire all the fantastic floral displays in window boxes that many of the homes on Sullivan’s are graced with….


You never know where you’ll find some inspiration…



And this dear friends, is how an Insider does Sullivan’s ‘like a boss….’

Enjoy your summer here in the Lowcountry!

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